Padre Island National Seashore
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PLATE 5. Both the Surf Side Hotel and the Don Patricio causeway shown here were part of Col. Sam Robertson's plans to capitalize on Padre's outdoor recreation potential. The depression and a 1933 hurricane washed away this Padre Island development (La Retema Library, Corpus Christi)

PLATE 6. Beginning in the 1780s Pat Dunn established a successful cattle ranch on Padre Island. Shown here are the homes Dunn built of the island from materials he collected from the beach. The elegant two-story structure blew away in a hurricane. The second home is still in use. (Courtesy of Dr. V.M. Harris, Perry Foundation)

PLATE 7. To support his cattle raising operations Dunn built a number of line camps down Padre Island. Shown here are two of the structures at Novello, one of these camps. Novello will be preserved within Padre Island National Seashore. (National Park Service)

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Last Updated: 16-Mar-2007